Armor Bearer Ministry - Director: Terell Maghette

The mission of the armor bearer ministry is to render immediate assistance to the Pastor and ensure the safety of the Pastor and his family.         


Beautifying Ministry - Director: Doris Baymon
This ministry is responsible for the decorations of the church facilities during special events and the upkeep of the Pastor's study.


Bereavement Ministry - Director: Tasha Kimble
This vehicle of our church seeks to minister to our members and friends in times of tragedy, loss, and despair.


Children's Church - Directors: April Hudson & Kim Scott

Recognizing the distinct needs of our children ages 5 to 12, the children’s church is provided every Sunday during the 10:00am worship service. Arts & crafts, bible stories, interactive computer games, and lessons are utilized for our children’s spiritual growth.    


Choir (The Chorale of Greater St. John) – Trumaine Reeves As the most visible components of the Pastor's ministering team, the choir ministers through music. Led by the minister of music, the Voices are the primary ministry of music during our church's corporate worship.  


Christian Education - Director: Lorese Wells As the teaching and discipleship arm of Greater St. John, this ministry structures and implements, training, study, and spiritual growth for all age groups. 


College Connection - Director: Mellisa Bogard
This ministry offers resourceful information and counselling for our young adults transitioning into the college atmosphere.  


Culinary Ministry –Co-Director: Acacia Chambliss & Patty Ringo

This ministry is responsible for the preparation and serving of food during the church's special activities and celebrations. 

Daughters of the Promise - Directors: Vera Martin & Katina Haymer
This is our Women's Ministry which seeks to add Christian value to the lives of women in the community by addressing issues pertinent to women. The Daughters of the Promise has a ministry night on the fourth Friday of every month starting at 7:00 P.M. The Ministry also holds such events as the Women's Conference and retreats.

  • Health & Wellness: Kim Scott

Deacon Ministry – Deacon Louis Lee & Deacon Eric Jones
The Deaconate of the Greater St. John Bible Church assists the Pastor in ministering directly to the needs of the families of our church and managing the corporate affairs of our church.


Drama Ministry - Director: Inactive
The purpose of this ministry is to praise and worship God through theatrical skits and dramatization focusing on everyday life issues.


Finance Ministry - Director: Patricia Ware
This ministry is responsible for all monies reported, allocated, and disbursed to and by the church. 


Greeters Ministry - Director: Evelynia Scott-Monroe & Ebony Reaves

This ministry is responsible for the welcoming and handling of our guests.


Golden Heir's Ministry – Director:

This ministry is designed to aid, assist and affirm the senior saints of our church.


Life Development Institute - Superintendent: Gwen Thomas & Valerie Lilly

The Life Development Institute meets every Wednesday evening at 7:15 PM. We offer biblical principles for dealing with day-to-day life. There is definitely something to offer all age groups. All members are encouraged to attend! 


Little Voices of Praise Choir- Director: Ameena Chapman & Phyllis Pearson
Youth Choir Director: T'Changa Osideko
The Little Voices and Youth Choir provide music for the worship service on the 3rd Sunday of each month and other special services. 

Maintenance Superintendent - Dea. Willie Sandifer
This ministry is responsible for the appearance of the church facility; as well as overseeing the work of the church's custodial/janitorial laborers.

Marriage Ministry - Directors: Jimmy & Stephanie Harvard & Kendall and Pamela Brown

Providing wholesome and qualitative activities for the enrichment of our marriages and families is the purpose of this group.  

Media Ministry - Director: Sherida McCoy
The responsibilities of the church's media ministry entail recording the worship experiences of our church family via audio and video technology. This ministry also prepares and monitors the church's PA system for services. 

Mentoring Program - Director: Lavora Logan 
Our mentoring program exists, so that adults can reach the youth and become involved in their lives, helping them to reach educational and career goals, while keeping them connected to a Christian environment. 


Senior Missionary Ministry - Director: Mother Irma Baker
Responsible for leading the church in fulfilling the work of mission within the community. Also charged with developing an itinerary for meeting the needs of those in our community.   


Mother's Ministry – Director:

This ministry of senior women exists to teach and exemplify the principles of Titus 2 and model godliness for young women of the church.


New Member's Ministry - Director: Katrina Henry

This ministry of senior women exists to teach and exemplify the principles of Titus 2 and model godliness for young women of the church. The ministry also holds a one-day new membership class for all new members on the 4th Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Please contact the church at 773-378-3300 ext. 14 to register for the next class.


Nursery Staff - Director: Stacy Osideko
This group works in the church's nursery to provide wholesome activities for children ages 0-4 during the 10:00 a.m. worship services.  
Nurses Ministry – Co-Directors: Etta Turner & Louise Washington
The nurses serve as the caretakers of the Pastor during worship service and while he is out delivering God's word. They also offer ready assistance for congregation members during worship service.


Outreach Ministry - Director: Priscilla Chapman
Fostering an evangelistic attitude in conjunction with contemporary methods of evangelism, our church ministers through door-to-door witnessing to those who do not know Christ as their personal savior! We seek to tell a dicing world about the Living Christ! 


Praise Dancers - Directors: Deola Gaiter & Tanya Campbell (Youth)

Director: Jocelyn Ramey (Adult) 
As we worship our God whole-heartedly, we utilize dynamic of worship for the glory of God, Praise through dance is the fundamental focus of this worshiping ministry. 


Praise Team - Director: Bernadette Foulks
The praise team's primary function is to lead worshipers in praise and consecration at the beginning of corporate worship. The praise team is the principle ministry of music for all three worship services. 


Security Ministry - Director: Melvin Dixon
This ministry provides escort service to and from vehicles for the elderly and women. It also provides surveillance of vehicles during worship to guard against theft and vandalism.     






Service Ministry - Director: Alicia Kingston

Shepherd's Care Ministry - Director: Betty Bady
This ministry exists to aid and assist the pastor and his family. They provide support, encouragement, and financial supplement to his income.


Singles Ministry - Director: Kayuanna Green
This ministry seeks to meet the needs of saved single persons and provide wholesome activities to enrich their lives.


Special Events Coordinator - Director: 
This ministry is designed to assist the church with maintenance projects and special outdoor events, and the upkeep of our building and grounds. 


Super Men’s Ministry – Co-Director’s Abraham House- El & Tony Reaves

Meeting the needs of the men of Greater St. John and mentoring the young men of our church and community are the chief objectives of the men's ministry. 


Transportation Ministry - Director: Arbutus Winfrey
The bus ministry provides transportation for members and friends interested in attending Sunday and Wednesday worship services. Transportation is also provided for various church activities. Call the church at (773)378-3300 ext. 12 the day prior to service to request a pick up.


Usher's Ministry (Adult & Junior) – Co-Directors:  Lois Fry & Dwayne Kimble
Works to ensure guests are seated and are as comfortable as possible.


Young Adult Missionary Ministry – Directors: Shayonte Gilmore & Yolanda Wells

This ministry exists to train & equip the next generation of missionaries to serve and fulfil the work of mission within our church, community, and world at large.

Youth Ministry - Director: Tony Hubbard
Given the challenges facing today's youth ages (12 - 17), this ministry offers constructive mentoring services focused on the mind set of this ailing generation. Our goal is to interact with them in a way that they can understand; it is mandatory that we talk in their language if we want to keep them from destructive forces. With openness and embracing love, our youth leaders seek to support our young people! 


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